Programme Structure

374338_2356807682071_1283655281_nThe PhD and MPhil in Engineering Education is a full research mode programme. For the completion of the programme, candidates are required to complete six courses. The courses provide candidates with the fundamentals of engineering education, as well as the basics in designing research frameworks and proposals. The graduate committee may also require candidates to attend additional courses throughout their studies in order to strengthen their foundation in a particular learning domain.

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Candidates are then required to conduct their research, and to proceed with their thesis writings. Each candidate will be supervised by two qualified supervisors; one with the background in engineering, while the other with the educational background.

Candidates are required to attend and pass the courses and their respective credits as listed below:

Course Name
PLT 6113 Fundamentals of Engineering Education
PLT 6123 Research Methodology in Engineering Education
PLT 6133 Data Analysis Techniques
PLT 6140 Seminar in Engineering Education
PLT 6143 Issues in Engineering Education
PLT _ _ _ _ 0 Doctoral Thesis


MPhil students do not need to take the above courses but are required to conduct a research project and produce a research dissertation as well as to pass the oral defense of the proposal and final dissertation. The mode of supervision is similar to the PhD programme.

Both MPhil and PhD students are required to attend and pass one University Compulsory course.