Note from the Editor


The ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education publishes quality articles that focus on the intersection of Engineering and Education.  This academically peer refereed journal contains manuscripts which focus on rigorous research on the teaching and learning of Engineering‐related courses. With more than 13 editors from 5 countries and over 17 reviewers from around the globe, this journal provides authors with both rapid turn around and collegial mentoring.

Among the articles that have been selected for publication in this issue include a study that proposed a case‐storytelling approach to students as an alternative way of looking at engineering problems. This approach builds upon inductive learning and self students to relate classroom knowledge to real world contexts.

Visualization skill and mathematical thinking are very important in engineering field and visualization skill is positively correlated with achievement in engineering disciplines. Another study which involves a substantial number of first year to fourth year engineering students revealed that these engineering students are at moderately high skills in visualizations. Hence, an appropriate approach was carried out in order to implement the right techniques for teaching engineering drawing in enhancing student’s visualization skills.

The eight articles that were published in this issue have emanated from the ASEAN countries namely Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. These articles, collectively, should make a worthwhile contribution to knowledge towards enhancing effective tertiary teaching and learning in Engineering. It is also hoped that these articles will add to the scholarly discourse as well as serve as a driver for further studies and rigorous research on Engineering Education.

Prof. Dr. Baharuddin Aris

ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia