Training of Trainers in Outcome Based Education and Student Centred Learning for MoHE Afghanistan 2018

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has received a visit from 24 delegates from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) of Afghanistan on 1-16 April 2018. They were here for a 2-week workshop on the Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Student Centered Learning (SCL) which was held at the Raja Zarith Sofiah Library, and Blended Learning Workshop at Faculty of Education, organized by the Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM.

The delegates are the academic staff of Afghanistan’s universities, and accompanied by the officers of MoHE of Afghanistan, who have been trained previously on the OBE and SCL by the Trainers who have undergone a series of training workshop on OBE and SCL and certified by CEE. At the end of the workshop, each of them were assessed on their understanding and performance to qualify them to becoming either Trainer, Master Trainer, or Champion, that will qualify them to train others in their country. This was the first batch of delegates that are trained this year and the third batch since 2016.

The workshop on Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Student Centered Learning (SCL) aims to provide exposure to OBE and SCL for academic staff of MOHE Afghanistan in various engineering areas, particularly Engineering Education. It is a part of the MOHE of Afghanistan’s action in planning a strategy in implementing OBE and SCL at Afghanistan’s public universities, as stated in their 5-year education development plan, and being funded by the World Bank.

This workshop was hoped to establish closer ties between UTM and MOHE of Afghanistan, and at the same time displays the UTM’s expertise to international organizations, particularly the World Bank.